1.  A radical and pervasive change:

Composite Materials

2.  Rotating on an axis:

Free Motion
True 3D Printing

3.  A complete process:

Management Software

Inspired from Nature

The spider web is one of the most elegantly constructed elements in nature.


Natural, biodegradable, strong, flexible, efficient.


Minimal material, maximum strength and freedom.


Limitless capability, nominal environmental impact.

Created by Arevo

Redefining manufacturing using the elegance and innovation of technology.

Breakthrough Composite Materials

Better. Faster. Stronger. Composite materials make revolutionary products.

Endless Possibilities

Free Motion Printing

Conventional 3D printers typically print in 2D on a stacked horizontal plane.
By making all axes available, our robotic arm removes design constraints,
enables true 3D printing, and provides the freedom to create.

Freedom in Design
The freedom to unlock your imagination and realize unique designs.
Freedom in Material
The ability to fabricate from materials optimally suited for your application.
Freedom in Motion
True3D printing to finally evolve "3D Printing" from flimsy prototypes to production-grade.

End-to-End Lifecycle Management Software

Arevo® unlocks the power of a digital supply chain that helps you design, simulate, optimize, fabricate and manage parts through their entire lifecycle.

Complete Control with Infinite Iteration

Manufacturing for Designers

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About Arevo

With our unique combination of software, robotics, and materials, AREVO is leading 3D printing into mainstream manufacturing. AREVO provides designers and manufacturers with unprecedented freedom to unlock the unparalleled strength and weight of composite materials for a wide range of consumer and industrial products.

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